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When we are clearly focused
Upon our vision
When we see each step
Unfold along the way
When our will is unwavering
We humans find
The Universe blends
Its will with ours

Whispermall reminds us of a dimension that is often overlooked in our daily life activity. That dimension is the subtle influences in each of us quite different from our ordinary waking consciousness. Some call these influences 'intuition'.

Whispermall encourages us to listen to our intuitions when making daily decisions. Intuitions come from subtle aspects of our beings. Some people call intuitions 'whispers'. It is possible to improve on our ability to get more intuitions, more whispers.

Dreams are one way to improve our ability to receive clear intuitions. When asleep, the body is only minimally active. The mind is still. We enter a world different from our waking experiences. We can be anywhere in an instant. We pass through objects with ease. There is no time sense. We are in an altered state of consciousness when dreaming.

Often times when we are awake, we can drift into a similar altered state. These are times when our intuition provides us with clues for the next steps in our life activities. Meditation is a practice that enhances our ability to be in a waking dream state.

Angels of Light Fellowship offers FREE Meditation Lessons for thirteen weeks. These Lessons are not focused on any religious belief, but on soul purposes.

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Al Bouchard recognized beginning in the mid 1970s that, at times, thoughts would crowd into his head and would not leave him until he had written the words on paper. He soon learned that the words he wrote down were messages to be shared with others. He calls these messages 'Whispers'.

Here is your Free copy of Whispers by Al Bouchard.

Tony Masiello writes, "That there is a world beyond our five senses is common knowledge. Yet, too often, we tend to believe what we see instead of believing we see only what we believe. Science and technology have brought us far, but still can't explain the inner workings of the soul."

Check out Auriclight Serendipity, Whispermall's sister website, which has a link to a book by Tony Masiello that contains an extraordinary collection of writings that will help you, motivate you, inspire you and guide you along the inner path of your life.

Love is the cornerstone of your being.